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Board Of Directors

Ted Pitt, Board President

Ted Pitt is a data center technician and electrician at Google in The Dalles. He is a father to five children and a former Marine. Ted spends his free time doing outdoor activities like riding motorcycles, hiking, and camping. He enjoys teaching his kids how to do home projects and is involved in projects with his church. Ted got involved with Y.E.S. after many years of being a foster parent. He and his family were looking for a new way to stay connected to working with and supporting kids in our community. Ted joined the board in April of 2014 and currently serves as board chair.

Doug Quisenberry, Treasurer

Doug Quisenberry has been in operations management for over 20 years; supporting critical systems operational reliability and career coaching. He has lived in The Dalles for 16 years after relocating from the Puget Sound to find a better work/life balance. Doug spends his time skiing, hunting, being outdoors, and supporting his daughter’s schooling and education. Doug has been actively involved in Young Life. Doug joined the board because he wanted to give back to the local community and felt that a focus protecting at-risk youth was something the community desperately needed. Doug likes that Y.E.S. not only gives youth a place of refuge and shelter, but also connects them to other groups and organizations within the Gorge to provide a stronger network. Doug joined the board in April 2014 and holds the position of treasurer. 

Toni Virgil, Vice President

Toni is a Wholesale Sales Manager for Azure Standard and has been with the company for four years. She lives in Hermiston with her husband and five children. Toni enjoys the outdoors, hiking, worship, and spending time with friends and family. Toni graduated from college at CGCC with honors and was the President of the Honor Society. Toni was asked by Gary Casady to join the board in 2018 and after prayerful consideration, accepted. Toni shares that she grew up in a home influenced by drug addiction and knows first had the effect that can have on children. Toni has a huge heart for youth and believes in everything that the Y.E.S. House is doing for young people. She especially appreciates that youth learn how to be self-sufficient, support themselves and find success. Toni joined the Y.E.S. board in April of 2018. 

Fred Kirkman, Board Member

Fred lives in The Dalles, Oregon. He is currently a Service Advisor at Schultens Ford. Fred has been in retail management his entire career. Fred is thankful for his wonderful family; his wife of 44 years, 2 children, and 3 grandchildren. Fred rides his bike or walks most days and likes to kayak in the summer. Fred is the elder chairperson at Calvary Baptist Church in The Dalles. Fred serves on the Y.E.S. Board because he wants to help youth in crisis find healing and Y.E.S. helps those in need. Fred joined the board in February 2016.   

Donna Jones, Board Member

Donna currently works as a Youth Transition Specialist in The Dalles, supporting youth ages 16-21 with disabilities. She returns to this arena after many years of working in the corporate world. Donna grew up in Klickitat County and moved back to the area in 2014. She is thankful to return to the work she loved which is serving people and communities in rural areas. When not working, Donna enjoys fishing or gardening in the summer months and other hobbies in the winter. Donna expresses gratitude for the places she has been blessed to live, work, grow and learn. The Y.E.S. House has opened up yet another door to one of these opportunities. She started working with Y.E.S. when a client was living there as a resident. She developed relationships with the staff and eventually was able to serve on the board. Donna says, “It is a blessing to be able to work and serve with other community members who are passionate about changing lives and building better paths to the future for our young people.”  Donna joined the board in January of 2021.   

Josh Sendejas, Board Member

Josh lives in The Dalles and works as a Columbia is a Community Care Coordinator and Community Health Worker for the Bridges to Health Pathways Program. He is a father to two girls and a husband to his wife. He has served his community at the Mid-Columbia Housing Authority since 2013 and has worked with many families to reach outcomes such as adequate housing and housing related supports, legal services, dental services, food, and negotiating through disability processes. Josh is very dedicated to his work and feels that his lived experiences help him relate to his clients and vice versa. He strives to be a shining example to those who otherwise would not have the hope, nor will to do so themselves. Josh is bilingual, has three large dogs and enjoys spending time with his family hiking and swimming. Josh is on the Y.E.S. Board because he wants to make a difference in a young person’s life. He loves how down to earth the staff and board members are as well as how vital Y.E.S. House is for filling gaps for youth in our community. Josh joined the board in May 2022.  

Lindsey White, Board Member

Lindsey has lived in Hood River for over a decade and is currently the Wraparound Care Coordinator at Mid-Columbia Center for Living. Lindsey has years of experience working with youth and families in treatment and support settings as well as training foster parents, staff and community members. She is passionate about providing services to vulnerable and underserved youth. Lindsey loves music, traveling, and exploring the Gorge with her dog. Lindsey is originally from New Hampshire. Lindsey was inspired to join the Y.E.S. board because she sees it as a vital resource for young people in our area. Lindsey joined Y.E.S. as a board member in May 2022. 

Brandon Kuehnl, Board Member (Bio in Progress)

Barndon joined Y.E.S. in September of 2020.