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Our Staff

Y.E.S. House - Livia Christensen - Executive Director


Executive Director

Livia Christensen joined Y.E.S. as the Executive Director in January 2022. For over a decade, Livia has been an advocate for youth, families, and programs that promote positive development opportunities for youth; especially those with limited support networks or barriers to access.

Y.E.S. Shelter - Isaiah Snyder - Program Director


Program Director

Isaiah Snyder grew up in both the Columbia Gorge area and abroad, traveling to do humanitarian and missions work in Asia. He has a particular love for Thailand, a place that he lived for over five years. Much of his experience abroad included providing aid to people displaced by conflict in war zones.

Y.E.S. House - Jesse Helms - Personal Advisor


Personal Advisor

Jesse joined Y.E.S. in March 2022 as one of our Youth Advisors. Originally from Florida and later living in Idaho, Jesse ended up moving to Oregon in 2020 when he married his amazing wife. Since then, he has enjoyed getting to know new people and the community, growing his circle of friends…

Y.E.S. House - Karrie Vareberg - House Parent


House Parent

Karrie was born in Lewiston, Idaho, but has lived all over the United States throughout her life. “Traveling taught me that The Great Northwest is best!.”  Karrie now lives in The Dalles with her husband, Aaron.

Sarah Brenner - Y.E.S. Youth Advisor and Community Health Worker


Youth Advisor and Community Health Worker

Sarah has worked with teenagers and their families in various capacities for the past 10+ years.She is excited to learn new skills and develop her social services experience while continuing to help youth and families in need.

Krystal Phillips - Y.E.S. Shelter


Night Supervisor

Krystal lives in Goldendale, Washington, where she grew up.  She holds an associate’s degree in Agribusiness and loves animals. She has spent most of her life working with horses in one way or another, owning, working as a wrangler in Yellowstone and on guest ranches, and showing her Appy at the fair

Lisa Fuller-Trosper - Y.E.S. Shelter


Personal Advisor

Lisa had joined the YES House filling the position vacated by Kathy Heitkemper. She has some big shoes to fill! Lisa has experience with QuickBooks, technology, and of course helping youths. She lives in The Dalles, Oregon with her husband and two daughters, along with a menagerie of pets.