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Anne Webber

Y.E.S. House - Anne Webber - Outreach Coordinator

Anne joined our team in April 2022, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and experience. She received her certification and licensure as a substance abuse counselor in 2022. She is currently a CADC II and has been providing treatment services to adults involved in the criminal justice system for 22 years.

Through her work, Anne has provided assessments, individual counseling, aftercare services, outpatient treatment and referrals. Anne has continued her education to maintain her license through the Mental Health and Addictions Certification Board of Oregon. Anne identifies that her past experiences have helped set the stage for what she was meant to do in her life. She says, “to me, being a counselor was never a job. It is a calling and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be used as a conduit to help others.”

Anne moved from New York to the gorge with her family when she was a young teen in the early 70’s. She comes from a family background of chaos and dysfunction due to untreated alcoholism and suspected mental illness. She shares that she and her siblings lived in a war zone full of fear, guilt, and shame. Anne responded by rebelling, using alcohol and running away at a very early age. When Anne was young there were no services or programs to help youth and her experience took her down a long and difficult path before she eventually decided that she would do whatever it takes to get sober and turn her life around.

Anne believes that prevention and early intervention are the key elements in assisting youth with making changes that support a healthy lifestyle. Without these types of services, incarceration becomes the only option and can lead to many other negative consequences. Anne loves that the YES house provides a place for youth to reside in a safe, healthy, secure, and peaceful environment so that they can be empowered with the tools and community resources necessary for them to be successful in life.

Anne says, “When I first walked into the YES House, I felt a sense of peace, comfort, and stability. If only there was a place like this when I was a kid.” We are grateful to have Anne on our team.