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Jesse Helms

Personal Advisor

Y.E.S. House - Jesse Helms - Personal Advisor

Jesse joined Y.E.S. in March 2022 as one of our Youth Advisors. Originally from Florida and later living in Idaho, Jesse ended up moving to Oregon in 2020 when he married his amazing wife. Since then, he has enjoyed getting to know new people and the community, growing his circle of friends, and finding support from his family, church community, and the Y.E.S. team.

Jesse is excited about the growth opportunities that working at Y.E.S. will bring. He has a strong desire to impact his community in powerful and long-lasting ways. He feels there is no better way than building relationships with youth so that they can find success and freedom from their struggles.

Jesse is currently attending school with the plan to attain a bachelor’s degree in Psychology as the first step towards a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling. Jesse says that “building up families and youth in our community is precisely what Y.E.S. and I stand for. Therefore, it is a privilege to be part of a team that works entirely toward that cause.”

​Jesse joined Y.E.S. in March 2022