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Krystal Phillips

Krystal Phillips - Y.E.S. Shelter

Krystal lives in Goldendale, Washington, where she grew up.  She holds an associate’s degree in Agribusiness and loves animals. She has spent most of her life working with horses in one way or another, owning, working as a wrangler in Yellowstone and on guest ranches, and showing her Appy at the fair.

Krystal worked with Teen Challenge during her time with Bishop Red Rock and Services while on wildland fires. In 2014 Krystal took a position in the T.O.O.L.’s program at Northern Oregon Region Correctional Facility. 

Krystal’s love for animals has led her to a rescue effort to save horses destined for slaughter.  To do this she goes to livestock auctions where horses are being sold and finds homes for ones that might otherwise be sold for meat.  She currently owns 6 horses, of which 5 are rescues and showed Dartanyon (pictured) at the local fair.  

The dog pictured here with Krystal is named Boone, and Krystal was trying to help find a home for him through Home At Last Animal Shelter.  
​Krystal was one of our first staff members, joining us in August 2016.